Since 2018 we organize concerts in Austria and four concerts outside of Austria (Bologna / Italy, Budapest / Hungary, Munich / Germany and Sala / Slovakia). Until today we organized more than 200 concerts and every year around 30.

The Idea about this is already more than 20 years old and started as „MUSICJUNKY“.

In the beginning (around 2000) the plan was to make something like Bandcamp or Myspace.

Around 2015 / 2016 I got lot of messages to „The Ramones-Fan-Club-Austria“ on Facebook from Punk and Rock Bands if I could help them to find concerts in Austria.

So I started to make a research about that where I could organize concerts.

In the beginning it was very difficult because I had only less contacts.

The good thing was that some bands / friends helped to get better contacts within 1 year (around 2017-2018).

So I want to say thank you to Marco Pogo, Stefan Beham, Mike Dee Crackus, Mario Lang, Paul J. Fleischmann, Thomas Ploner, Café Carina, Jellyfish Music Bar, Kramladen, Replugged, StarkStrom, Rattlesnake, Recordbag, SBÄM etc. which helped from the beginning to get into the scene.